Greetings, wine lovers!

Welcome to our Wine and Music Pairing website. It contains companion material to A Practical Guide to Pairing Wine & Music by Dwight Furrow and Clark Smith, an ebook available everywhere for $9.99.

Our outrageous claims:

1. You will be given the tools to enhance the experience of every wine you drink for the rest of your life.

2. Tasting Room managers and restaurateurs can significantly increase profits.

3. Winemakers will develop playlists for each wine they make to standardize the emotional content of their products from vintage to vintage and avoid style drift.

4. Brand anthems provide insight into the unique underlying artistic aesthetic that guides each winemaking team.

Enhance your evening with our free playlists for the whole range of wine types.

We hope you will share with us your own playlist discoveries so we can share them here.

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The site also contains links to related research, websites, scholarly articles and books related to cognitive enology and cognitive musicology.

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