About Wine and Music Pairing

Wine and Music Pairing.Com is the support site for our book entitled A Practical Guide to Pairing Wine and Music. (soon to be released)

Pairing wine with music in order to enhance our experience of both is increasing in popularity. A Practical Guide to Pairing Wine and Music is the first book-length treatment of this subject. Whether you are an individual consumer, a restaurant, a wine bar, or a winery, we explain why you should pair wine with music and how to go about it.

At this website we will add playlists to enhance the playlists provided in the book, blog about the latest news related to wine and music pairing, and post our thoughts about the wines we drink and the music that makes them sing.

Many people are skeptical at first that music can enhance our appreciation of a wine. But many years of empirical studies, in addition to our own experience, have persuaded us there is much enjoyment to be had by finding just the right musical piece that will bring out the best in a wine.

Much of that empirical data can be found in the work of Charles Spence and Qian Wang and more recently Susan Lin. Clark Smith has also conducted extensive testing which is reported in our book.

Like music, wine is an expressive medium that connects to our emotions. This relationship is the key to good wine and music pairings. However, you won’t find it mentioned in professional wine tasting manuals or in classes devoted to wine tasting where identification of aroma notes is the main activity. This is next generation wine tasting, a new horizon that makes wine even more intriguing. A richer experience awaits all who try.